Expert designing, engineering, & manufacturing with our clients’ applications in mind.


Chester Valve Corporation was created by a group of engineers and friends that had, together, accumulated over 80 years of experience in the cylinder gas valve industry. The group shared the goal of developing, designing and engineering quality valves in United States. Now, Chester Valve Corporation is making its mark worldwide with Headquarters and an Engineering & Design Center in Pittsburgh, PA, Sales Headquarters in Miami, FL, and a cutting edge Manufacturing Facility in Zhejiang, China.

Our Core Values


Design. Engineer. Manufacture.

Our company is committed to safety and quality through the meticulous development of superior valves. Our emphasis is on American design and engineering with state of the art manufacturing technology.


Striving for Excellence

Our objective is to spearhead the cylinder gas valve industry, staying abreast of the latest in design and manufacturing technology and allocating the necessary resources to bring the vision to fruition.


Aiming High

Our highly qualified engineers at our engineering & design center in Pittsburgh, PA are intent on holding our valves to the highest of standards, while continuing to evolve with our customers’ everchanging needs.